How Now? is a podcast that focuses on HOW we live in the NOW.  The show will feature guests from all walks of life who express how they are living in the now, despite the pandemic and its affects.  They will share their perspective and insight on what they have experienced during the pandemic, and how they are navigating through it in order to experience peace for themselves and those around them.

"I believe that sharing our experiences are a vital part of how we can do just that.  There is no hard and fast solution to this pandemic and its affects. We can only create new and innovative ways to establish safe spaces for individuals to express their emotions and to know that it is okay to do so in non-threatening ways.   How Now? strives to be a platform where we can promote learning, understanding and growth, that will lead us to a better quality of life in these troubling times."          Kim

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"Who Do You See When You See Me?"


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10 thoughts on “How Now? Podcast”

  1. Host of the How Now Podcast @ministerkimmartin, rockin ELAMENTS Design stone necklace, not only delivers a smile that will fill your spirit reassuring certainty, she also delivers content which is rich in Mind Provoking Memes, Sayings and Quotations. Teaching “How to Live in the Now” is what this Energizing Queen is all about. Tune in. Tap in. Like, Love and Follow TODAY. Support Black Women who Uplift.

  2. Thank you much Kim Martin-Raymond! You gave me my first time-first guest appearance on your Podcast Show. The one and the only How Now? Podcast. I am greatly appreciative! Most of all, you made it do what it do! As the host, you were most helpful and hospitable! I speak much success over the How Now Podcast Show. Till then!

  3. I just wanted to let you know I’m enjoying your podcasts. Just finished No Longer A Prisoner. It was so good, well they all are😉. Loved her business name & yes I was like what in the SAT word…recividism? I’m all fancy now that I know what it is & the concept behind Caroline’s mission. Please keep ’em coming. Ok that is all.❤

  4. I enjoy the subject content and the way it is delivered. You have an approachable and sincere presentation. It is almost like being in your presence and speaking one on one. There is no pretentiousness or illusion of superiority. It’s like talking to an old friend who graciously shares her wisdom and allow you share your experiences and means you used to overcome or better understand the obstacles. I look forward to your next presentation.

  5. Purposefulness in construction and execution of the ‘How Now?’ Podcast is apparent; this while still providing organic exchanges. From the informative and engaging host and guests discussing highly relevant and diverse topics during COVID-19, listeners increase awareness and are empowered. From the smoothness of Kim’s voice and thoroughness of questions and responses ‘How Now?’ podcasts embody, listeners leave confident of having used time wisely. Highly helpful experiences and practical tools conveyed support listeners coming back for more!

  6. Let your light shine Kim! The energy through this project screams love and light, two qualities that we can’t get enough of in these times. Thank you for caring and answering the call to be that light in a time where many struggle to see it. Looking forward to what you offer us in the “How Now”!

  7. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed these podcasts. They are both informative and inspirational. During these challenging times I find Kim’s message to be timely and insightful. Kudos to Kim for providing such an awesome platform to help get us through these tough times.

  8. So far I’ve seen two podcasts and generally I’m protective of what I allow into my mental space. But this channel has been so uplifting, encouraging and inclusive I cant help but feel a release of energy. A welcoming and freeing conversation amidst confidants. I’m even grateful to the guest speaker, who I decided to follow and pursue my own shadow work. I encourage the creator to continue on this path so that others may be guided into healing, growth and love of self. Shine yo Light Kim!!

  9. Kim’s work is thoughtful, insightful, spiritual, and inspirational. She has a story to tell; a message to send to the masses and all who receive it will be blessed. I am excited to support her through any endeavors she decides to pursue. May she continue to promote growth in others as well as herself. Fantastic job Kim!

  10. Kim is a dynamic speaker and host that always provides informative and engaging information. I am amazed by her passion and drive to consistently provide a platform for others to improve themselves. Keep up the great work!!!!!

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