2021 - 2022 - Season Two

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January 26, 2022

Title: Who Do You See When You See Me?

Description: Integrative Style Strategist, Stacey Paulín, joins How Now? to talk about creating your personal style, steps to achieve it, and how to OWN it.

Want to connect with Stacey?  Go to her website at www.urbanityalamode.com, or connect with her on all social media platforms at urbanityalamode to schedule your style profile!  

January 19, 2022

Title: CBD Demystified

Description: Wholesale CBD Distributor, Jurina Pender joins How Now? to clear the air about CBD, the misconceptions made, and the benefits CBD can provide.

Want to connect with Jurina?  Go to her website at www.jurinapender.com. There, you can sign up to have a CBD profile created and/or request free samples!  

January 12, 2022

Title: Why Are You Sick, Fat and Tired?: Find Out Now

Description: Best-Selling Author and Founder of Ask Dr. Pat – Health Team Network, Dr. Pat Boulogne, joins How Now? to discuss her latest book, "Why Are You Sick, Fat and Tired”, and how understanding the what, where, why, and how of our health problems can lead to a longer, better, and healthier life.

Want to connect with Dr. Pat?  Go to her website at www.healthteamnetwork.com .  If you want to register for her “Be Stronger than Medicine” event, send her an email through the website and type in “Why-Eventbrite” and she will send you the information regarding the event.

January 5, 2022

Title: What is Your Crucible?

Description: Retired Marine Corp veteran, former firefighter, author, and business owner, Zachary Green, joins How Now? to talk about identifying our “crucible”, and how we can use that difficulty in our life to overcome challenges and embrace our inner warrior. 

Want to connect with Zachary or grab a copy of his book?  Go to his website at www.warriorentrepreneurbook.com

If you purchase Zachary’s book, “Warrior Entrepreneur” on Amazon and type in “Podcast2021”, you will get 50% off on your purchase!

December 29, 2021

Title: Creating a Wellness Mindset

Description: Retired Army & Iraq War Veteran, RN & Holistic Wellness Nurse Coach Jean Turner, joins How Now? to talk about the importance of taking care of ourselves holistically (mind, body, and spirit), and creating a wellness mindset prior to having a "Suddenly Healthcare Crisis"

Want to connect with Nurse Coach Jean?  Please go to her website at www.spiritofawarrior.life

December 22, 2021

Title: What in the World is the Coronavirus? - Educating Our Youth

Description:  Author and Educator Martina Domino, joins How Now? to talk about how the coronavirus has changed normal activities for children around the world, and what they can do to protect themselves and others as the pandemic continues.

Want to connect with Martina and purchase your copy of her book?  You can go to her website at www.martinadomino.com or find her on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/authormartinadomino/ , Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/mrsmdomino  or Twitter at www.twitter.com/authordomino/

December 15, 2021

Title: The Journey Towards Self-Actualization

Description: Relationship Coach and President if the Women of Excellence Outreach Services Dr. Patricia Shaw, joins How Now? to talk about the importance of educating women and young girls to eradicate self-doubt and evolve through self-actualization.

Want to connect with Patricia? You can go to her website at www.patriciaempowers.com or find her on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/soultiescoach/ or LinkedIn at Dr. Patricia Shaw

December 8, 2021

Guest: Sabrina Reynolds

Title: Your Great Resignation

Description:  Chief Entrepreneurial Officer, Coach, Consultant, and Serial Entrepreneur, Sabrina Reynolds joins How Now? to talk about how she assists individuals in making the decision to resign from their current position, launch a new business, overcome limiting beliefs, and identify where they may have gone wrong personally and professionally.

Want to connect with Sabrina? Go to her website at www.SabrinaReynolds.com or email her at Sabrina@SabrinaReynolds.com.


2021 - Season One

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January 6, 2021

Guest: Tina Torres

Title: Attitude of Gratitude

Description: Gratitude Specialist and Client Retention Expert, Tina Torres joins How Now? to talk about the many ways we can express and experience gratitude both professionally and personally in every season of our lives.

Connect with Tina at www.thegratitudespecialist.com

Grab your copy of Tina's latest Best-Selling Book, Beyond Gratitude, now available on Amazon!

January 13, 2021

Guest: Danielle Cunningham

Title: Live Well, Live Now, Inspire

Description: "Certified Group Exercise Instructor, Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach, Danielle Cunningham joins How Now? to share some tips on how to stay fit during restrictions created by the pandemic and how to set attainable fitness goals that can be used now and throughout the New Year."

Want to connect with Danielle?  Go to www.livingwellwithDanielle.net

January 20, 2021

Guest: Janet Young

Title: Temple Living - Building Blocks to Proper Nutrition

Description:  Our body is our temple. Wholistic Nutrition Specialist and Natural Health Educator, Dr. Janet Young, joins How Now? to discuss how creating proper building blocks for nutrition can help to build stronger, healthier, and more “fuel-efficient temples”.

Want to learn more from Dr. Janet? You can email her at healthynulife@yahoo.com or visit her website at www.thenaturalpathway.com

Check out Dr. Janet's feature in the 2021 Atlanta Business Showcase digital version of People You Need to Know business guide at  www.sparkplugpr.com (Page 96-97)

January 27, 2021

Guest: Joan Walters

Title: Planning for Your Life, God’s Way

Description: Self-Care advocate and CEO of The Good Success Planner, Joan Walters joins How Now? to talk about the importance of planning, journaling, and preparing for what lies ahead, God’s way.

Interested in learning more about Joan and The Good Success Planner?  Go to www.thegoodsuccessplanner.com  and order your planner TODAY!

February 3, 2021

Guest: Caroline Dunlop

Title: No Longer Being A Prisoner of My Thoughts. I am FREE!

Description: Chief Recidivism Crusher, Caroline Dunlop joins How Now? to talk about recidivism, what it means, and how having a new mindset and being present has given her new freedoms to share with those seeking to do the same.

Want to learn more about Caroline and find out how to be a sponsor for her Tubs of Love?  Go to www.tubsoflove.com

February 10, 2021

Guest: Starr and Anton Claiborne

Title: Love Never Fails

Description: Hosts of the Marriage Fantasy Podcast and Certified Global Relationship Strategists, Starr and Anton Claiborne, join How Now? to talk about building and strengthening relationships and marriage in this season of pandemic.

To learn more about Starr and Anton's coaching services or to check out their podcast Love Marriage Fantasy,  go to www.claibornecoaching.com

February 17, 2021

Guest: Carl & Fran McColman

Title: Living in the Now When a Family Member is Chronically Ill

Description: Soul Friend, storyteller, and author Carl McColman, and his wife, retired educator and artist, Fran McColman join How Now? to talk about life with their daughter Rhiannon who was chronically ill, and how they created joy in that space.  They will share ways in which others can find peace for themselves and their family member who may be chronically ill as well.

Want to learn more about Carl and Fran? Visit Carl's website, www.anamchara.com  where you can learn more about their ministry, Carl's podcast and publications, and Fran's lovely artwork.

February 24, 2021

Guest: Carl & Fran McColman

Title: Prayer: An Invitation Into The Miracle Of The Present Moment

Description: Fran and Carl McColman join How Now? once again to talk about prayer. Last week they spoke about living with a family member who is chronically ill, and the loss of their daughter, Rhiannon.  This week, they share the amazing power of prayer and what it brings in the present moment to those willing to embrace it.

To learn more about Carl's publications and Fran's beautiful art, go to www.anamchara.com

March 3, 2021

Guests: Diane Wilush and Norma Stanley

Title: Abilities in the Disability Community

Description: CEO of UCP of Georgia and South Carolina, Diane Wilush and Disability Community Advocate, Norma Stanley, join How Now? to discuss the current state of those in the disability community.  We will discuss some of the setbacks and victories that have been experienced because of the pandemic

March 10, 2021

Guest: Tashana Thompson

Title: Beyond the Business

Description: Relationship Marketing Strategist, Tashana Thompson joins How Now? to talk about marketing your business, the importance of establishing client connections and how growing the business starts from within.

Want to connect with Tashana and learn more about her services? Go to www.beyondsolutions.biz

March 17, 2021

Guest: Andrea Hutchison

Title: House Cleaning, House Cleansing, or Both

Description: Andrea Hutchison, CEO of A Little Help Never Hurt, joins How Now? to talk about her housecleaning business, hoarders, and creating spaces to heal.

If you want to reach out to Andrea about her services, you can email her at andhut37@gmail.com

March 24, 2021

Guest: Teresa Wright-Johnson

Title: Parenting in the NOW

Description: CEO of Mom Biz Boss and Parent/Peer Specialist Teresa Wright-Johnson joins How Now? to talk about challenges, successes, and support for individuals parenting in the NOW.

Want to learn more about Teresa's products and services? Go to www.twjme.com or www.mombizboss.org

March 31, 2021

Guest: Sekhmet El

Title: Protecting Your Peace

Description: Empowerment Coach, Sekhmet El joins How Now? to talk about protecting your peace and learning that it starts from within.

If you are interested in learning more about Sekhmet El, and getting on the waitlist for her book, "Protect Your Peace", log on to www.protectyourpeace.com or email her at mamaindisoul@gmail.com

April 7, 2021

Guest: Dr. Dorothy Smith

Title: Approach to Mental Health: Anxiety, Depression, and Mindfulness

Description: Professional Counselor, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and Owner of Heal Thy Self Counseling Services, Dr. Dorothy Smith, DPC, LCSW joins, How Now? to talk about how anxiety, depression, and the positive effects of mindfulness.

Interested in connecting with Dr. Smith?  Follow her on Instagram @drdopeblacktherapist or go to www.healthyselfcounselingservices.com

April 14, 2021

Guest: Equauler Brown

Title: Novice Investing


Internal Revenue Service Consultant and Novice Investor, Equauler Brown joins How Now? to talk about being a novice investor and ways to start the process toward establishing generational wealth.

Want to connect with Equauler? You can email her at Browneq07@yahoo.com.

April 21, 2021

Guest: Dr. Ameena Ali

Title: Human Rights in the NOW

Description: Founder and Consul General of the Federation of International Gender and  Human Rights, Dr. Ameena Ali, will be joining How Now? to discuss the process of seeking provisions, protections and protocols for those who are indigent and underserved both here in the US, and abroad.

Want to connect with Dr. Ali? Email her at Askdrali@gmail.com, call (347)879-9801 or follow her on Instagram @DrAmeenaAli

April 28, 2021

Guest: Nicole Gray

Title: Innovation in Communication

Description: Nicole Gray, Upmarket Manager of Zoom's Customer Success Organization, joins the How Now? Podcast to talk about the innovative ways we connect through video and audio communication in the NOW.”

Want to connect with Nicole? Follow her on Instagram @shesaidsports or on Twitter at shesaidsports8

May 5,2021

Guests: Luther Francois and Jerrod Raymond

Title: Mission Work in the NOW

Description: CEO, Luther Francois and VP, Jerrod Raymond of The TOME Foundation, join How Now?, to talk about doing mission work, volunteerism, and operating a newly- established non-profit organization during this time of pandemic.

Want to learn more about the TOME Foundation? Go to www.thetomefoundation.com 

May 12, 2021

Guest: Donna Briggs

Title: Making Every Day a Great Day

Description: Motivational Speaker, Celebrity Host, and Owner of ANEWU Wellness Network, Donna Briggs, joins How Now? to talk about how making every day a great day is changing lives and changing mindsets.

Want to connect with Donna? Go to www.donnabriggs.com, www.makeeverydayagreatday.com, or follow her on Instagram @iamdonnabriggs.  

May 19, 2021

Guest: Sandra Braxton

Title: Traveling in the NOW

Description: Sandra Braxton, travel agent and CEO of The Braxton agency, joins the How Now? Podcast to talk about planning, preparing and taking precautions as we resume traveling in the NOW.

Ready to book your travel with Sandra? Go to www.thebraxtonagency.com or call (404)492-9642

May 26, 2021

Guest: Keith R. Miles

Title: Estate Planning in the NOW

Description:  Attorney, Estate Planner and host of ICABA Live, Keith R. Miles joins the How Now? Podcast to talk about estate planning and the importance of preparing for your future and the future of the ones you love.

Want to connect with Keith?  Go to www.TheGeorgiaElderLawyer.com.

June 2, 2021

Guest: Julie Lam

Title: Mask Together America

Description: Writer and public health supporter, Julie Lam joins the How Now? Podcast to talk about mask awareness and the importance of continuing to mask up as a preventive measure against COVID-19 and its ongoing, long-term effects.

Want to connect with Julie? Email her at masktogetheramerica@gmail.com or DM @masktogetheramerica on Instagram or Facebook.

June 9, 2021

Guest: Tina Greer

Title: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace

Description: Business Growth Strategist, Author, and CEO of Greer Business Solutions, Tina L. Greer joins the How Now? Podcast to talk about ways in which to incorporate more diversity, equity, and inclusion in your personal and professional spaces.

Want to connect with Tina? Go to www.greerbusinesssolutions.com or email her at tina@greerbusinesssolutions.com Interested in her product line? Go to www.tlcpamper.com

June 16, 2021

Guest: Sha' Cannon

Title: Expatriation in the NOW

Description: Fractional COO, Sha' Cannon joins the How Now? Podcast to talk about expatriation, its benefits, and its challenges both personally and professionally. 

Want to connect with Sha’ Cannon?  She can be reached on all media platforms @shacannoncoo or at www.shacannon.com

June 23, 2021

Guests: Larneka Lavalais, Renaldo Thompson, Ric Ludel, and Rick Horn

Title: Strides in PRIDE

Description: My guests from the LGBTQ community, join How Now? to talk about love, life, and the political and social affects they have experienced as awareness, inclusion, and acceptance continue to rise.

June 30, 2021

Guest: Mama Yeye

Title: Sister Circle, Legacy, and the Sekere

Description: Mama Yeye, Directress of Egbe Sekere of Atlanta, joins How Now? to talk about the importance of sisterhood, creating legacy, and the power and are of creating the sekere (pronounced shay-ka-ray)

Want to connect with Mama Yeye or schedule a sekere session with your Sister Circle? You can call her at (404)759-0846 or email her at sekerewoman@gmail.com

July 7, 2021

Guest: Erica Johnson

Title: Raising Spiritually Minded Children

Description: Chairman and CEO of The Wisdom Realms, Erica Johnson (aka The Phantom Queen) joins How Now? to talk about introducing and incorporating your child(ren) into your spiritual life, while establishing their own.

Want to connect with Erica? Visit her website at www.thewisdomrealms.com

July 14, 2021

Guest: Kim Martin-Raymond

Title: I Say Peace...How I'm Living in the Now

Description: Host of the How Now? Podcast and Founder of Redefinding You, Kim Martin-Raymond, checks in with her listeners to talk about how she is living in the now.

July 21, 2021

Guest: Reponzell Morris

Title: The Real on Real Estate

Description: RE/MAX Agent and Associate Broker, Reponzell Morris joins How Now? to talk about the current housing market, what is trending, and the best times to buy and sell properties.

Want to connect with Reponzell?  Check out her website at www.reponzellsellsatlanta.com ,  email her at reponzellmorris@remax.net,  or give her a call at (678)758-9193

July 28, 2021

Guest: Julian Smith

Title: Training Up Black Boys to Men

Description:  Musician, Educator, and Founder of the JKSSr Foundation, Julian Smith joins How Now? to talk about empowering and educating our black and brown boys and raising them to be educated and informed men.

Want to connect with Julian and learn more about his foundation? Go to www.jkssr.org, call (404) 579-0279, or email him at jkssr2020@gmail.com.

August 4, 2021

Title: Mask Together America 2: United We Stand


Writer and public health supporter, Julie Lam returns to the How Now? Podcast to talk about her continued efforts to promote mask awareness as a new strand of COVID emerges, and the voices of other individuals and organizations who have partnered with her in this effort.

Our Featured Guests can be reached via Instagram:

Julie Lam – @Julie_masktogetheramerica

Rachel Laiserin – @rlaiserin

Mary Conde – @mary.conde.758

Rebecca Ancira Robertson – @beckyancirar

Dr. Marjorie Roberts – @docmarj

Dr. Robi Tamargo – @drrobit

Lindsay Schwarz – @lindsmimi

Dr. Helen Pesola – @helenrpesola

Katie Marsh – @wildflowers_mind & www.endcoronavirus.org

Scott Cooper – @givemasksachance

Want to be a part of Mask Together America? Join Mask with Us on Facebook or Follow @MaskTogetherAmerica on Instagram and Facebook.

Go to www.masktogetheramerica.com,

Or email masktogetheramerica@gmail.com

August 11, 2021

Guests: Zema Love Fire and Sage_TheGodsis

Title: The Magic Below

Description: Director of Indigo School of Light, Zema Love Fire, and Enlighten Tantric Priestess, Sage_TheGodsis, join How Now? To talk about a Tantra Couples Retreat they developed and hosted, called “The Magic Below”.  They will give us a sneak peek into the retreat, and discuss the importance of connecting with our partners both spiritually and energetically.

Want to connect with Sage_TheGodsis?  You can find her on Instagram @sage_thegodsis

Want to connect with Zema Love Fire? Go to www.theindigoschooloflight.com, call (470) 242-1659, or email her at zemalovefire@gmail.com

August 18, 2021

Guest: Lori A. Manns

Title: Educating, Activating, Motivating, and Empowering Our Youth

Description:  Award-winning business strategist and Chairman & CEO of Live Healthy and Thrive Youth Foundation, Inc., Lori A. Manns joins How Now? to talk about how her foundation helps develop closer affiliations between the children of today and the community- at-large, and the tools they need to accomplish healthier, more balanced lifestyles.

Want to learn more about the Live Healthy and Thrive Youth Organization, Inc.? Go to www.livehealthyandthriveyouth.org or call 1(800)551-3775 

Want to learn more about Lori’s Quality Media Consultants Group? Go to www.qualitymediaconsultants.com

September 8, 2021

Guest: Kim Martin-Raymond and The TOME Foundation - Luther Francois and Jerrod Raymond, and volunteers Steve Agustave and Loren Brown

Title: Mission Haiti - Part 1

Description: Join host Kim Martin-Raymond and members of The TOME Foundation as they travel to Belanger, Haiti. Part 1 shares their preparation for, and execution of the Foundation’s Back-To-School/Wellness Fair that took place on August 27th.

Want to learn more about The TOME Foundation and how you can help the people of Haiti?  Go to www.thetomefoundation.com

September 16, 2021

Guest: Kim Martin-Raymond and The TOME Foundation - Luther Francois and Jerrod Raymond, and volunteers Steve Agustave and Loren Brown

Title: Mission Haiti - Part 2

Description:  Join host Kim Martin-Raymond and members of The TOME Foundation as they travel to Au Cayes, Haiti. Part 2 shares their preparation for, and execution of the distribution of tents and cots, as well as hygiene kits, flashlights, backpacks, and masks to victims of the earthquake that took place on August 14th. She also shares the volunteers experience on this trip, as well as their departure from Haiti.

*I do not own the rights to the music played on this podcast episode. The song is “Criminel by Bramsito featuring Niska

Want to learn more about The TOME Foundation and how you can help the people of Haiti?  Go to www.thetomefoundation.com

September 22, 2021

Guest: Cassandra Walker-Phillips

Title: I Chose Entrepreneurship...Now What?

Description:  Author and Entrepreneur, Cassandra Walker-Phillips joins How Now? to talk about her decision to become an entrepreneur and the experiences she has encountered both good, bad, and ugly, and why she isn’t giving up.

Want to connect with Cassandra? You can email her at caswalph7@gmail.com or check her out on Facebook  at www.facebook.com/CassandraWalkerPhillips, www.facebook.com/Queens-of-Queens-Bling-LLC-108398330543402 , on Instagram @Queenofqueensbling or on her website at www.queenofqueensbling.com.

September 28, 2021

Guest: Richay Brown

Title: Staying Beat Underneath

Description:  As mask mandates continue, MK Consultant and Business Owner, Richay Brown joins How Now? to talk about the importance of taking care of our skin underneath the mask, while keeping our faces “beat” in the process.

Want to connect with Richay? Go to her website at www.marykay.com/RichayB  or follow her on Facebook @ Richay Brown or Instagram @RichayBrownmk

October 6, 2021

Guest: Darryl Williams

Title: Paradigm Thinking: The Road to Success

Description:  Bob Proctor and Gallagher Institute Consultant, Darryl Williams, joins How Now?, to talk about how paradigm thinking, what it means, and how individuals can achieve success and fulfill their dreams as a result.

Want to connect with Darryl? You can email him at dwlife485@gmail.com or request to join his group, Mining Your Mind on Facebook.

October 13, 2021

Guest: Dr. Victoria Sheffield

Title: The Main Event

Description: Small Business Expert and CEO of Sheffield Business Solutions, Dr. Victoria Sheffield, joins How Now? to talk about planning your next and a few innovative ways she is helping her clients turn their special occasions into memorable personal and professional experiences.

Want to connect with Dr. Victoria? Go to her website at www.sheffieldbusinesssolutions.com , email her at sheffieldenterprise123@gmail.com, or follow her on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/DrVictoriaLSheffield

October 20. 2021

Guest: Ecanoa Jones

Title: The Keys to Unlocking Success for Our Youth

Description:  Mindset Mentor, Ecanoa Jones join How Now? to talk about the principles necessary to create "success" mindsets and maximize potential in our youth.

Want to connect with Ecanoa and learn more about his programs? Go to his website at www.ecanoa.com, email him at mmecanoa@gmail.com or call him at (855) 432-2662

October 27, 2021

Guest: Gloria "G'Ade" Lawrence

Title: Things Left Unsaid Before "I Do"

Description: Author and Podcast host, Gloria “G’Ade” Lawrence joins How Now? to talk about her latest book, “Things Left Unsaid Before I DO” and the importance of communication and dealing with emotional baggage before tying the knot.

Want to connect with Gloria? Email her at theunfilteredbygade@gmail.com or Follow her on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/theunfilteredbygade/ or https://www.instagram.com/gloriaadegold/

November 3, 2021

Host: Kim Martin-Raymond

Title: Our Wellness Journey

Description: This week's episode of How Now? is LIVE on Facebook! Kim will be talking about wellness and how it is not just about our physical wellness, but our mental and spiritual wellness too. She will talk about her personal wellness journey and will ask a few listeners to chime in on how they are living in the NOW with regard to their wellness journeys.

To learn more about Kim and her products, services, and podcast, go to www.linktr.ee/HowNow

Be sure to subscribe, like, follow and share her How Now? Podcast YouTube Channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt20OHNhdraMdcqkFnrFyGA

November 10, 2021

Guest: Brian Walters

Title: The Miracle of Massage

Description: Licensed Massage Therapist and Founder of The Miracle of Massage, Inc., Brian Walters, joins How Now? to talk about the benefits of soft-tissue massage, and how creating individualized sessions can relieve and eventually eliminate long-term chronic pain.

Want to connect with Brian?  Go to his website at www.themiracleofmassage.com or schedule a FREE consultation by contacting him at (678)883-2873

November 17, 2021

Guest: Dr. Ameena Ali

Title: The Fight for Human Rights: Building Back Better

Description: “Founder and Consul General of the Federation of International Gender and Human Rights, Dr. Ameena Ali will be joining How Now? once again to update us on her latest initiative for Human Rights: Building Back Better, and the progress that has been made by her organization in seeking provisions, protections and protocols for those who are indigent and underserved both here in the US, and abroad.”

Want to connect with Dr. Ali? Email her at Askdrali@gmail.com , call (347)879-9801 or follow her on Instagram at www.instagram.com/IAmAmeenaAli

November 24, 2021

Title: Emotional Fortitude

Description: Counselor and Life Coach, Yusef Muhammad joins How Now? to talk about emotional fortitude and how meeting expectations, goal setting, and creating stability in our lives help take us to the next level.

Want to connect with Yusef?  Follow him on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/coach.ibn/  or https://www.instagram.com/you_can_reecover/

December 2, 2021

Title: How Now? Podcast One Year Anniversary!

Description: The How Now? Podcast has reached its ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! Kim decided to celebrate the show's anniversary in her hometown of New York, in TIMES SQUARE! She asked a few folks HOW they were living in the NOW, and even met up with Times Square's own "Naked Cowboy"! Kim also give a shout out to all her former guests on the show.  It has been a year of informative shows that have addressed some timely topics...and we're not done yet.  There is more to come.  Stay tuned...


Go to www.hownowpodcast.com and check out any of the shows you may have missed in Season One


Subscribe to the How Now? YouTube Channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt20OHNhdraMdcqkFnrFyGA


December 2, 2020

Guests: Denise Davis, Denise Gouveia, Karyn Shaw, and Grace Franklin

Title: Who Do You Want to Be During COVID-19? (AUDIO SHOW ONLY)

Description: This episode addresses the stages that we go through during a crisis and how it affects our ability to navigate through our current pandemic.  Kim's guest are four women in her "inner circle" who talk about "how" they are living in the "now" since the onset of the pandemic.

December 9, 2020

Guest: Dr. Marjorie Roberts-Crafton

Title: I Had COVID-19, But it Doesn’t Have Me

Description: Dr. Marjorie Roberts-Crafton talks about being diagnosed with COVID-19, her experiences after her diagnosis, and being a long-haul survivor.

To learn more about Dr. Marj, go to her website at www.drmarjorieroberts.com

Join the movement to encourage individuals all over this country to wear their masks! #masktogetheramerica on Instagram OR

masktogetheramerica on Facebook (Mask with Us)

December 16, 2020

Guests: Bishop Dedric M. Avery and Minister Zema Love Fire

Title: Amen and Ase…How We Give Praise

Description: Bishop Dedric Avery and Minister Zema Love Fire join the show to discuss what worship looks like inside and outside of the physical church, and the new and innovative ways individuals are choosing to worship and give praise.

Bishop Avery:   Salt and Light Truth Center - www.sltcempowermentzone.com

Facebook - www.facebook.com/PastorDedricAvery

Zema Love Fire: The Indigo School of Light - www.theindigoschooloflight.com

Facebook -  www.facebook.com/SongByrd.Jackson

December 23, 2020

Guest: Sheronda Barksdale

Title: Me and My Shadow

Description: Life Empowerment Coach, Sheronda Barksdale joins How Now? to talk about what shadow work is and how it is providing healing for men and women in her practice during this season of transition.

To learn more about Sheronda's products and services, go to www.linktr.ee/Sheronda

December 30, 2020

Guest: Andrew Kap

Title: Making the Law of Attraction Work for You Whether You Believe it or Not.

Description: Based on his Best-Selling book, “The Last Law of Attraction Book You’ll Ever Need to Read”, author and CEO of Awesome Marvelous, Inc., Andrew Kap joins How Now? to discuss the Law of Attraction, what it means, and how it can work for you whether you believe it or not.

Want to know more about Andrew? Check out his website at www.awesomemarvelous.com  and subscribe to his YouTube Channel!