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Peace and Blessings!

Praise God! I am in remission! Remission from the toxicities that plagued my spirit. Toxicity that tried to hinder my intimate relationship with God. Toxicity in the form of images and words that flooded my ear and eye gates, all in an attempt to shake my beliefs and steal my joy.

But praise God, I'm in REmission! I am on a mission of REbirth, REnewal, and REdedication. I am on a mission to REdeFIND who I am in CHRIST. My remission began this year and will continue in the years to come. I am in REmission because I REmember the promises God made in His Word, and have REnewed my mind. Because of His birth, death, and REsurrection, I have been REdeemed by the blood. My life will never be the same...

I pray for remission, renewal, and a refreshing in every aspect of your life! ❤❤❤

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