RedeFINDing You – RedeFINDing You helps individuals who are feeling “directionless”, to obtain the tools they need to rediscover the path and purpose for their lives. When they have the tools to deal with life’s unexpected situations, we are better prepared to effectively cope with them. RedeFINDing You helps individuals change their mindset and helps them recalibrate theirr “internal navigation system”, so they avoid the pitfalls and obstacles that keep them from moving forward.

#Pressingtheresetbutton – Are you ready to experience God and His presence through His word?  Are you ready to press the reset button on some of the things you’ve done in your past? When we are ready to make significant changes in our lives, we get to the end of ourselves and can begin to experience God.  This can be a time of anxiety and vulnerability.  #Pressingtheresetbutton is a program where we create a space of transparency and authenticity so we can heal, be forgiven, and walk boldly in our faith.

Making Time for God (Time Management) – How we manage our time is important, especially when we don’t make time for God. We can get so absorbed in work, our family and other activities, that we don’t much of anything accomplished. The Making Time for God workshop shows us how to prioritize our time and provides the tools needed to maximize our time with God first, then the other activities we are tasked to accomplish

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